Foam Components for Automotive Manufacturers

Customized, High-Quality Engineered Parts

Every component you use or produce needs to meet very strict standards for compliance, which also drives high performance. Standard components just won’t cut it; you need highly customized components engineered from an array of materials and processes from a trusted materials converter.

Diversified Industries’ material converting capabilities deliver exactly that. With over 30 years of experience in engineering automotive components, we have the expertise to ensure that your parts meet the tightest measures for compliance. And with a wide range of capabilities in-house, we can meet your exact design needs.

Redefining the Industry Standard for Compliance

The automotive industry has some of the tightest quality standards in the world. While these are small parts in much larger, more complex machines, every single component must meet very specific requirements to ensure safety and reliability once cars are on the road.

With engineered components from Diversified, you won’t just meet initial design specs. We have an innate understanding of all relevant regulations, as well as the converting processes and materials needed for your specific use case.

You can rely on our industry expertise and trust that your engineered parts will perform to the extent required and expected for such critical applications.

Why Diversified?


Highly Custom Capabilities

To ensure specs are met, we work closely with your design team and draw on a wide range of materials and converting capabilities.


On-Time Delivery

Our reliability extends far beyond our converting capabilities. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery, every time.


Excellent Quality

Our track record speaks for itself. You can expect the utmost quality and reliability from our materials and converted parts.

Our Converting Process

For over three decades, we’ve worked with manufacturers all along the automotive supply chain to produce highly customized, reliable components, including:

  • Gaskets for Exterior Lighting
  • Foam Solutions for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR)
  • Wire Harness Solutions
  • Mirror Gaskets
  • Door Gaskets
  • Interior Trim
  • Cushioning Foam
  • Thermal Insulation Foam

To convert cellular rubber, foams, adhesives and other materials into these very specific parts, we have a tried-and-true process to take you from initial design to finished component. We partner closely with your internal design team at every step to ensure your expectations and compliance standards are met.

We also work with you on minimum order requirements and other factors to align with your budget whenever possible. Our flexibility allows us to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a smaller manufacturer converting a customized component or a large enterprise engineering at high volume.

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