Foam Components for Specialized Applications

Custom-Engineered Foam for Highly Specialized Manufacturing

If you have a unique or specialized product or application, you need to ensure that all of its components meet your exact design specs. If a component falls outside the target specs, performance will suffer and the entire design may fail.

You might also need a foam component not as part of your product design, but to showcase or protect your finished product during shipping or in a retail setting. In these cases, the foam still needs to meet your design specs and fit your aesthetic or branding requirements.

With our material converting capabilities, you get highly customized parts that are tailored to your exact application. We have the expertise and high-quality converting processes to ensure your components are engineered with precision, regardless of how unique or specialized your application is.

With a wide range of in-house capabilities and high-quality materials to draw from, we’ll meet all of your design and aesthetic needs.

Expertise You Can Rely On

You’re the experts in the products you sell. We’re the experts in converting foam and engineering the components you need, so that your product designs can succeed.

We have a tried-and-true process for converting foam, adhesives and other materials into reliable components for your application. We partner closely with you to deliver on exact specs and ensure that every aspect of the component meets your expectations – everything from texture and color to thickness and precision.

Once we have your specs, we’ll work with your design or product team to select the right materials and converting processes to seamlessly engineer your foam parts.

Why Diversified?


Highly Custom Capabilities

We work closely with your team to engineer the perfect component for your application, no matter how unique.


On-Time Delivery

Our reliability extends far beyond converting. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery, every time.


Excellent Quality

Our track record speaks for itself. You can expect the utmost quality and reliability from our converted parts.

Our Converting Process

Here are just some of the different components we’ve engineered for highly specialized applications:

  • Automotive exterior lighting gasketing applications
  • Customized moisture barriers for industrial equipment and home appliances
  • Specialized “high-end” packaging applications

For over three decades, we’ve refined our process for converting foam across many industries and applications. We’ve engineered components to meet the exact specs of some of the strictest industries and supply chains in the world. You can rely on our experience and expertise to deliver highly custom, highly reliable components.

With our flexible process, we support all of your needs. We draw on a large selection of materials, suppliers and in-house capabilities to deliver the exact component you’re looking for. No matter how specialized your application or your industry, we’ll align with your budget wherever possible while ensuring that performance expectations and industry standards are met.

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